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Party Policies

The Conservative manifesto has two paragraphs on animal issues – on page 55.

The manifesto says that the Conservatives will:

  • ‘push for higher animal welfare standards to be incorporated into international trade agreements’
  • ‘ban wild animals in circuses’
  • ‘press for all EU member states to ensure that animals are only sent to slaughterhouses that meet high welfare standards’
  • ‘encourage other countries to follow the EU’s lead in banning animal testing for cosmetics’
  • ‘work to accelerate the global development and take-up of alternatives to animal testing where appropriate’
  • ‘protect methods of slaughter such as shechita and halal’
  • ‘continue to lead the world in stopping the poaching that kills thousands of rhinos, elephants and tigers each year’
  • ‘oppose any resumption of commercial whaling and seek further measures… to end shark finning’
  • ‘press for a total ban on ivory sales’
  • ‘press for full “endangered species” status for polar bears’

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What it doesn’t say: the Conservatives want to overturn the hunting ban and roll out the badger cull across the country. The Party has issued a disappointing and error-riddled response to our five election campaigns issues. Read it here.

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