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Party Policies on Animals

Green Party

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Party Policies

  • Opposes the badger cull
  • Supports the Hunting Act to keep hunting illegal

The Green Party has also adopted many policies relating to the better treatment of animals. These include:

  • Phasing out ‘factory farming’, prohibiting all caged rearing of hens, and painful mutilations such as tail docking and beak trimming
  • Phasing out routine and prophylactic use of antibiotics in farmed animals
  • Making CCTV mandatory for all UK slaughterhouses
  • Minimising live transport of animals and ending all live exports for slaughter and fattening
  • Supporting a progressive transition from diets dominated by meat and other animal products to healthier diets based on plant foods
  • Prohibiting the import, export and sale of all fur, whether wild caught or factory farmed
  • Banning all experimentation and research that harms animals, including procedures used to obtain animal-derived materials
  • The appointment by local authorities of an Animal Rights Officer
  • Ending puppy farming by banning the sale of young puppies and kittens unless the mother is present
  • Prohibiting hunting with hounds, shooting, snaring, coursing and various other abuses of our animal population
  • Prohibiting the use of animals in circuses and the import of, and sale from other sources of, all animals to circuses
  • The abolition of zoos and private collections of animals except where they are for the benefit of the animals concerned
  • Ending the exploitation of animals in horse racing, greyhound racing and all situations where animals are commercially raced. There would be an immediate ban on the use of the whip in horse racing, and on the use of a non-linear track in greyhound racing

The full Green Party policy document relating to animal protection can be seen here:

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