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Party Policies on Animals

Liberal Democrats

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Party Policies

The Liberal Democrat manifesto covers animal welfare on pages 82-3.

The manifesto says that the Liberal Democrats will:

  • ‘review the rules surrounding the sale of pets to ensure they promote responsible breeding and sales’
  • ‘minimise the use of animals in scientific experimentation’
  • ‘review the use of cages, crates and routine preventive antibiotics’ in farming
  • ‘will only support extending the existing [badger] cull pilots if they are shown to be effective, humane and safe’

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  • Initially supported the badger cull trials but, when they failed, the Liberal Democrats stopped a nationwide rollout
  • The Liberal Democrats blocked Conservative plans to introduce an amendment to the Hunting Act that would have allowed hounds to be used to hunt foxes

Personal Policies: a taster

Nick Clegg, Sheffield Hallam
Norman Baker, Lewes
Roger Williams, Brecon and Radnorshire
Tessa Munt, Wells

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Animals Have Friends