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Party Policies on Animals

UK Independence Party

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Party Policies

UKIP’s manifesto says that the party will:

  • ‘triple the maximum jail sentences for animal cruelty and torture’
  • ‘impose lifetime bans on animal care and ownership for anyone convicted of animal cruelty’
  • ‘tightly regulate animal testing and keep the ban on animal testing for cosmetics’
  • ‘Challenge companies using animals for testing drugs or other medical treatments on the necessity for this form of testing, as opposed to the use of alternative technology’
  • ‘ban the export of live animals for slaughter’
  • insist on formal non-stun training for all religious slaughtermen and enforce the highest standards
  • install CCTV in every abattoir… and deal severely with any contraventions’

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  • Having said UKIP would ban non-stun slaughter, it now says it won’t.
  • UKIP’s leader, Nigel Farage, has attended a hunt
  • UKIP MEP Roger Helmer supports the badger cull

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Animals Have Friends